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Singer: Getish Mamo
Format: Audio CD (2015)
Number of Discs: 1
Music Type: Contemporary
Language: Amharic

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Track Listing:
Song Title
1. Tiwedegnalech (ትወደኛለች)
2. AdonY (አዶናይ)
3. Yeresan Resteh (የረሳን ረስተህ)
4. Kentu Nen (ከንቱ ነን)
5. Keftosh Endalay (ከፍቶሽ እንዳላይ)
6. Enem Alinager (እኔም አልናገር)
7. Mali (ማሊ)
8. Sanigibaba (ሳንግባባ)
9. Kelibe Aydelem (ከልቤ ኣይደለም)
10. Alisemam (አልሰማም)
11. Sew Yasifeligegnal (ሰው ያስፈልገኛል)
12. Ney Ena (ነይ እና)
13. Libe Negirognal (ልቤ ነግሮኛል)
14. Minew (ምነው)
15. Kezih Belay (ከዚህ በላይ)
16. Asayign (አሳይኝ)

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