Sheromeda store package #1 

Sheromeda store package #1 on your shopping website

You are a proffessional seller in Addis Ababa? This section is for you  

Sell exclusively on main page of your Ethiopian shopping website. 


One year payment - 5000 ETB per year (Discount of -20% in one year) 

500 ETB - Ethiopian Birr monthly subscription 

We are making promotion for you in our different platform (Facebook, IG) 

Promoting your products to our diaspora community is our proudness ! 

  • Your store in Addis Ababa 
  • You fix your own price 
  • Free promotion 
  • Customers buy directly throught
  • We deliver in Addis Ababa (Eshi express) 
  • We deliver in USA / Europa / Middle East 
  • You get paid by Ethiopian BIRR cash or Bank transfer account

or you can choose a second option

30% commission is added on your final price if there is no subscription. provides you the required tools and experience to sell online successfully. 


Sheromeda Marketplace package #2 

Sheromeda Marketplace package #2 

You are an individual person seller living in USA/ Europa / Middle East or Addis? 

You have something to sell ? Your are not a professional? 

Just take a picture and post it on

Start selling it online on for thousand Ethiopian diaspora shopper, your products are easier to find online. 

The diaspora marketplace is made for you ! You dont need to be a proffessional sellers !  

Adding your products on the website is totally free for you !

  • Take a picture a post it on
  • You fix your own price and you leave your contact address & phone number 
  • Buyer directly contact you by phone call or email. 
  • No promotion included

Post your free ad here on your marketplace