Why can’t I add a product to the cart?

If you cannot add an available product to the cart, it may be that the item or size you are interested in are sold out, but the website is still not showing the stock update. This generally only happens with very popular items which are sold out very quickly and generate a huge amount of visits to the website in a short timeframe, not giving time to the system to refresh. If that is the case, please try to purchase the item again later, or visit one of our stores.

What can I do if my size is not available? 

If your size is not available, use our mail contact customer to get in touch with us or check the website for restocks.

How can I cancel my order? 

Yes, Sheromeda.com understands that you may sometimes change your mind. You have 14 days after your order to cancel it and get a refund. Ofcourse you will be totally refunded. 

You may cancel any order free of charge and without any explanation during 14 days after you order in the website.

To cancel an order, please contact our Sheromeda Customer Care team by mail : contact@sheromeda.com

I lost my receipt. Can I still return products?

Unfortunately we always require proof of purchase and will not accept returns without it. The receipt that you receive when you purchase the item is your proof of purchase and it is the customers responsibility to keep this receipt.

 My package is not arrived at home? 

If your package is not arrived at your destination, please contact the carrier to ask for more information with the required tracking number which have been given to you. 

Refund is not possible in case of a package lost. Discount code will be sent to customer to half of the value of the product lost. (50%) 

Sheromeda.com is not responsible for the lost of the package during the international transit of your package. International carrier responsability is engaged. 

Sheromeda.com responsability is no more engaged after a package is given to Ethiopian Postal.