Where's My Stuff?

The most current summary for all your orders is always available in Your Account.

www.sheromeda.com estimates shipment and delivery dates based on the availability of the items you ordered and the shipping options you selected. You will find both shipping and delivery date estimates in the order summary in  Your Account.

Our Shipping Methods

  • (Standard price 14/16 days delivery) :

    You can expect your order to take 14 to 16 days to arrive if you had selected our standard international shipping option.

  • (Worldwide Express Plus® 8 days delivery) :

    You can expect your order to take 8 to 10 days to arrive if you had selected our expedited international shipping option.

  • Click and collect : Free delivery (Sheromeda.com) Someone from the team will contact you to deliver you the products at the given Addis Ababa address by 24 - 48 hours. It may contact you by phone.  


    Addis Ababa - Ethiopia 


After the Estimated Delivery Date

If you order does not arrive by the estimated delivery date, it may be due to late expedition. Orders shipped via a trackable method will have tracking information available in your Sheromeda personal account. Please check this information if available and read through the following options:

  • Tracking information indicates the package has been delivered: Please check with your neighbors or family members. Packages are occasionally left with neighbors, a building manager, or are placed somewhere relatively safe such as your porch, garage, or even behind bushes.

  • Tracking information indicates the package is undeliverable: If the package is being returned to us, or if the address is incorrect Please confirm the correct shipping address

  • No tracking information available: If you can't locate any tracking or delivery information about your package, please contact us. Please confirm the correct shipping address when writing to us about lost packages.

Items Shipped to International Destinations

Orders shipped internationally may be subject at destination to customs clearance procedures that can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.

Please see our International Shipping cost for more information.

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