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Singer: Esubalew Yitayew (Yeshi)
Format: Audio CD (2017)
Number of Discs: 1
Music Type: Contemporary
Language: Amharic respects the intellectual property of others.
CD provided is original. Money goes to the CD owner.
Make a copy of the CD is totally prohibited

1. Hiyaw Sim (ህያው ስም)
2. Yetim Yimechegnal (Bicha Anchi Nurilign) (የትም ይመቸኛል (ብቻ አንቺ ኑሪልኝ))
3. Degimo Demo (ደግሞ ደሞ)
4. Tiritaye (ትርታዬ)
5. KeAyne Atitefim (ከአይኔ አትጠፊም)
6. Ende Weyin (እንደ ወይን)
7. Tew (ተው)
8. Godana Mulu (ጎዳና ሙሉ)
9. Zefen Mamokia Aydelem (ዘፈን ማሞቂያ አይደለም)
10. Atigudel Kise (አትጉደል ኪሴ)
11. Tekus (ተኩስ)
12. Foto Yinageral (ፎቶ ይናገራል)
13. Saminat (ሳምናት)
14. Mare Mare (ማሬ ማሬ)

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