Sew ሠው

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Singer: Tsedi
Format: Audio CD (2019)
Number of Discs: 1
Music Type: Contemporary
Language: Amharic

Song Title
1. Yemiyamir Ken (የሚያምር ቀን)
2. Aytehegnal (አይተኸኛል)
3. Sebebegna (ሠበበኛ)
4. Sew (ሠው)
5. Be'and Ayregam (በአንድ አይረጋም)
6. Maneh (ማነህ)
7. Say Yes
8. Halo (ሃሎ)
9. Me'lktegna (መልእክተኛ)
10. Lishenef (ልሸነፍ)
11. Koy (ቆይ)

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