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Singer: Ja Lud
Format: Audio CD (2018)
Number of Discs: 1
Music Type: Contemporary
Language: Amharic respects the intellectual property of others.
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Track Listing:
Song Title
1. YeFikir migib (የፍቅር ምግብ)
2. Gojam (ጎጃም)
3. Gothik (ጎቲክ)
4. Ayzogn (አይዞኝ)
5. Wedia Mado (ወዲያ ማዶ)
6. Yemisirach (የምሥራች)
7. Melayka Kidus (መልይካ ቅዱስ)
8. Yechakaw (የጫካው)
9. Yefilagote Dimits (የፍላጎቴ ድምፅ)
10. Bel Alechign (በል አለችኝ)
11. Wibit Zema (ውቢት ዋዜማ)
12. Ken Ale (ቀን አለ)
13. Hizibawi Somsoma (ሕዝባዊ ሶምሶማ)
14. Negtual (ነግቱኣል)
15. Misgana (ምስጋና)
16. Nigus (ንጉሥ)
17. Adiris (አድርስ)
18. Dingil Zema (ድንግል ዜማ)

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