Hid Zeyirat ሂድ ዘይራት

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Singer: Abush Zeleke
Format: Audio CD (2019)
Number of Discs: 1
Music Type: Contemporary
Language: Afaan Oromo, Amharic

Song Title
1. Hid Zeyrat (ሂድ ዘይራት)
2. Hule (ሁሌ)
3. Tamenal (ታመናል)
4. Amele Senay (አመለ ሰናይ)
5. Yelela (የሌላ)
6. Bizu New (ብዙ ነው)
7. Wib Nesh (ውብ ነሽ)
8. Kunoo
9. Alimaze (አልማዜ)
10. Gelagay Tefa (ገላጋይ ጠፋ)
11. Bado New (ባዶ ነው)
12. Zeeynubaa
13. Hilmua Negeregn (ህልሙኣ ነገረኝ)
14. Ijaakee

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