Last update about COVID-19 on
 operations continue but delivery times may be longer than usual during COVID-19 pandemic. Delays can takes to 3 months

Due to high demand, delivery times may be longer than usual.

Please find your expect delivery date related to your date order you made on the website if you ordered a product : 


If you order between 01 March - 31 March  --> Delivery time during August 2020 (North America/ Europa)

If you order between 01 April - 30 April --> Delivery time during September 2020  (North America/ Europa)

If you order since 01 May -  Until now --> Delivery time during October 2020  (North America/ Europa)


There is no delay if you order in Ethiopia 


On behalf of the team we would like to apologize for the high delays.

You can still order on the website during this period, however your package will be deliver during October 2020. 

We expect to be back on the 15 days delivery during October 2020 



If you need any assistance please contact us by mail : or call 📞 ETH: 0911898818 - FR: (+33)620736227 

or message us via our differents social network platforms : IG :  @sheromedastore | Facebook : @sheromedastore