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The AirFlex True Wireless Stereo Earbuds from
Bitmore are – as the name suggests – truly
wireless earbuds! Snagged or tangled cables
are a thing of the past: now you can sit back
and relax with a completely wire-free listening
experience. These tiny wireless earbuds are just
18 mm across and fi t effortlessly in the ear for a
secure and comfortable fi t. Enjoy clear, highquality
audio from your Bluetooth-enabled music
payer, smartphone or tablet wherever you go.
Plus with the built-in microphone, you can also answer your phone calls when connected to a Bluetooth smartphone – even if
you’re listening to music at the time of the call. A full two-hour charge will give you six hours of playback and 150 hours on standby.
Perfect for travelling, the supplied charging case is not only a handy way to keep your earbuds safe, but also contains a 1 500
mAh powerbank that will recharge the earbuds up to seven times – and even give emergency power to your phone. Supplied
with the earbuds is a selection of silicone and foam ear gels, a set of sports hooks for an extra-secure fi t, a USB-to-micro-USB
adaptor so that the charging case can be used as a powerbank and a charging cable for the case. Bitmore AirFlex True Wireless
Earbuds are the perfect way to enjoy music on the go.

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